Nees Karyes Larissa

In April 2015 the construction of the winery in Nea Karyes Larissa began.

This rural community is where the premises of Poultsidis Winery are, because around it and at a very short distance are its vineyards, so that  the grapes  will arrive at the processing areas in a very short time from the time of harvest and in the best possible condition, that is fresh, cool without dehydration and transport hassle and ready to give their typical, aromatic and tasty expression to the wines as the latter go through fermentation.

The erection and construction of the winery was part of the Leader program and was completed after eight months, in December 2015
SINCE 2015

Superior quality wines, rich in taste & aroma!

In an area of 1 acre we have built a modern, state-of-the-art building, perfectly focused on functionality.

The winery consists of the 300m2  ground floor space  where the fermentation tanks, the oenological laboratory, the offices, the grape collection area and the cold storage rooms of the raw material are located.

In the above-ground space – a  100m2 loft- packaging materials and mechanical equipment are stored, and in the 300m2 underground space  there are the aged bottles, the maturing barrels, the tasting space and the wine shop.

The winery is fully adapted to modern requirements and complies with all safety protocols, while the disabled have access to all areas with the help of special ramps and an elevator.

The winery is completely accessible to students, adults and the disabled.